Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter and afterwards

Last weekend we met up with J-M’s parents in town. We met up on the port and managed to find a table for 4 at a café, despite the Easter weekend tourists. If you’ve never seen someone before, do they turn out like you expect them to? Well J-M’s parents were completely different to what I expected; they looked much younger!

Fortunately we all got along well. J-M’s father collects vintage postcards of the region where he was born and his mother is interested in history, so we all had plenty to talk about – after we’d discussed our wonderful children of course.

Olivier was home for the weekend too - plus washing.  The weather was reasonably kind to me and I only needed to iron 4 shirts. He does some of his washing at university. He will probably be home by the end of May. If all goes well he will have his diploma in economics.

 I found the time and inspiration to add a new short story to my Still Learning blog, if you’d like to read it.


Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Anji,
I am glad you had an enjoybale Easter weekend and nice meeting with J-M's parents. Have a good weekend.

Caroline said...

Was it too early in the relationship to sell him some cards?

Meetings like this must be a bit strange, thankfully will never have to do it...

Anji said...

Judy: Thank you. We were pleased it went well. I now have to compose an email in French to say how much we enjoyed meeting them.

Caroline: I think he has bought cards from us in the past and we have given him some via J-M.

It was almost as stressful as meeting J-M for the first time. They are very nice people