Friday, March 16, 2012

Son time

When Oliver was home a couple of weeks ago, he set me up with two computer screens. At first I felt quite giddy and kept on ‘losing the mouse’. Now I’ve settled down to this new technological breakthrough (for me at least) and wouldn’t be without it. I have to do quite a bit of research when describing some of the postcards I have for sale. It’s so useful to be able to see two lots of information at a time.

He phoned me up yesterday morning. I always know when there is a problem because of the pause before he asks me how I am. While he was playing football (soccer) he injured his toe and needs an X-ray. The X-ray isn’t the problem. What about the insurance? – Will he be expected to pay up front and how much will it cost? We have a very good back up insurance. I never have to pay for blood tests and X-rays because I always have my papers on me. I don’t know how much they cost. If he can find his papers he should be fine, if not he will pay and then be refunded later.

The best part of his toe injury is that he has been signed off work for a few days as he can’t walk very far. No KFC for a little while


Doris said...

LOL to the no KFC - how one suffers!

Groovy to have two computer screens at once - well cool. :-D

Doris said...

Sorry, I forgot he has a job at KFC and that comment wasn't just about eating the stuff!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Anji,
I hope everything will work out fine for Oliver. Sorry he will miss the KFC!:) It is cool that he has set up two computer screens for you. Take care and have a wonderful week.

Anji said...

Doris: he gets free meals too. He tells me he chooses salads!!

Judy: I phoned him yesterday and he says the swelling is going down. I think he will enjoy the break, but will miss the money as he is paid by the hour