Friday, March 16, 2012


Not long after French soldiers killed in Afghanistan were brought home with full honours....

This week soldier’s wives were protesting in order to bring notice to the powers that be that their husbands salaries were not being paid in full. In France if you can’t pay your bills you become ‘interdit bancaire’, which means that you cannot own a credit card or have a cheque book and the bank allows you the minimum for your needs. This is already happened to some soldier’s families and one wife has had her gas supply cut off. The powers that be have assured the families that the problem is due to a computer fault and that hundreds of staff are working 24/24, 7/7 to resolve the problem, which should be solved within the next couple of months!

 I could also write from experience about how long teachers that are new to the payment system have to wait months before their salaries come through…..

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Kimberley said...

That's outrageous. I'm so used to hearing how mean and evil America is, I forget it's the same all over the place. They should hang their heads in shame. Anyone who fights for their country deserves to have their country fight for them.