Friday, January 27, 2012

He might just be right.

Look below at the post “When did the change over happen?”.

Since the beginning of December I thought that I was suffering on and off with a mild case of cystitis. It turns out that my bladder is having spasms. While doing research, I discovered some websites that hinted that this problem could be due to keeping your phone in your pocket. My phone is definitely out of my pocket for the time being. I have tablets to take too, hopefully it will get better soon.

Note to self: Listen when son speaks…


Lucy Melford said...

Anji, you need to set up a section on your blog page to make it easy to findyour past posts!

However, I found the original post on the danger of carrying a mobile phone around all the time...hmmm... there may be something in this! I wonder if the high-frequency vibes cause tinnitus as well?

Sorry to hear about the bladder trouble. My turn soon, I expect. Sigh.


Anji said...

Lucy: Sorry that I've taken so long to get back to you. I should have put a link.

It is getting better slowly, I'm just hoping that the tablets i'm taking aren't going to be permanent

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