Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two auctions and a lot of washing

Last week landed us with two auctions.  At the beginning of the week we were in Chinon.  The weather was cold but sunny and we even had time to explore the town a little.  This time we stayed in a new hotel/motel which was situated within walking distance of the auction house.  We bought some interesting postcards, some of which will appear on Time and Oft in the near future.  We returned home on Tuesday morning, hoping to visit the 17th century town of Richelieu on the way.  It was raining so hard we just stopped for a cup of coffee.  On arriving home we unloaded, unpacked, re-packed our bags.

Wednesday morning we set off for Limoges.  The weather wasn't so kind and we didn't really have much time to explore - again!  There is an excellent restaurant opposite the hotel where we stayed, so we ate without getting too soaked. Another successful auction for us, though a little chaotic as the experts were holding 6 auctions plus viewings over two days.  The drive home on Friday was difficult because of the bad weather.

When we arrived home there was a message from Olivier saying that he would be home on Saturday.  Since he arrived I've been washing and drying clothes non-stop.  He assures me that he does go to the launderette on the campus - I wonder how often? I hate the smell of his KFC uniform.  Reminds me of when Rob came off his bike and broke his elbow.  He slipped on some grease accidentally left in the road in front of a restaurant, his clothes were ruined and had that same awful smell.


Caroline said...

Chinon, nice red that can be drunk chilled...

Anji said...

Caroline: yes,it is good, thanks to the postcards I'm getting more interested in different wines.