Monday, December 19, 2011

Blast from the past

A very good friend of mine from way (way, way) back is sorting out photographs and she sent me these:
 I was 17 when this was taken

My 18th birthday.  I got drunk on whisky mac.  The next day I had my first hangover.  Oh happy days... I was so thin.

(Thank you Melinda for bringing back some magical memories)


Lucy Melford said...

Well, I don't think you've changed very much!

Did you ever dare have another whisky mac?


sue said...

How gorgeous you were Anji. Just beautiful. And the horse too.

Anji said...

Lucy: With my tiny picture you can't see the wrinkles. I have never touched whisky mac since that evening.

Suz: thank you. I didn't think I was pretty at all in those days, I was very insecure. I think the horse was my sister's, but i'm not sure it was so long ago!

Keith said...

I didn't realise they had colour photography in those days!

You look very sweet Anji.

Mary Lou said...

You hardly look 12!

Anji said...

Keith: Well at least we had photography!

Mary Lou: I hated looking so young. people didn't think that I was old enough to drive.

Anonymous said...

What day isn't today?