Monday, July 04, 2011

In which I sit and talk

I finally got round to making a video of myself. I’m sorry about the quality of the image and the sound. Any tips on how to improve it will be gratefully accepted.


Dru Marland said...

That was good! Nice to hear your voice, too.

Melissa said...

And a lovely voice it is too! I've only tried making a video once, and I couldn't get the audio and video in sync either. Don't know what the trick is.

Melissa XX

Véronique said...

How cool is this! Love hearing the real Anji!

As for sound, I'm not sure. What kind of software are you using? It sounds like maybe the sound sampling rate is low, but I'm far from an expert on this stuff.

Keith said...

Hi Anji, you are one brave lady; putting a video blog up! Quite frankly, I don't think I would have the nerve to do it because I always feel self conscious about my ugly mug and my terrible accent!

This is why I tend to use my "second self" which is a knitted doll a friend made in my image. See my latest post, which incidentally is about time travel (The girl in the photo you sent me was probably my grandmother. No?)

I don't know how you can improve the video, I presume you were using your mobile phone? They do tend to be a bit grotty!

Lucy Melford said...

What a nuisance. I'm on holiday, and have to rely on my mobile phone. But it won't play your video, Anji. I'd love to hear you, and I'll have to wait till I'm home again!


Don said...

What software did you use to record the video? It looks like the speed was kinda messed up on the software.

Otherwise, it was great! Thanks for the EYB! plug!!


Anonymous said...

If you have a camera that does videos, try using that and then put it on your windows movie maker and make a video and then post it. That is how I do it and they come out good. I loved hearing your voice. Nice to see and hear you.

Doris said...

Hey Anji, lovely to see and hear you :-D You are such a sweetie. That was a lovely round up of current news and nice that you wished our Jo well. Not being a video blog expert my suggestions are .... check the settings of the video recorder and it is either set at too high a quality setting and then stumbles when it plays as there is too much info to get out, or else the settings are too low and it could do with being higher. That would be my guess!

I look forward to your next vid in due course! xxx

Anji said...

Dru: Thanks. Like most people I hate the sound of my own voice - others don't seem to mind it so much.

Melissa: I know that I can fetch downloads from Acer, but I'm not sure which. Dom will have her work cut out next time she visits.

Véronique: When I bought this computer I read on the forums that the sound wasn't too good. Olivier has lent me his speakers for the summer and now I can have full bass - I'd forgotten how much better decent speakers were. Though it won't help the recording quality.

Keith: What kind of accent have you got? Rob's stepfather was from over your way and we loved his accent. No, it was my laptop. I didn't know I could do that sort of thing with my mobile phone - I did make a film of the kitchen table once.

Lucy: Now you have something to look forward to when you get home ;)

Don: Like I said to Melissa, it's what is on the computer. I'll be getting my experts on to it soon.

Connie: We don't have a video camera. Was there something on youtube about making videos on their site? I'm going to check that out. I was pleased. i was having a good hair day for a change.

Doris. i'll bear your suggestions in mind. Then find out how to do that. I can't remember Jo's date of departure!

Mary Lou said...

I Know your are English, but I just associate you and FRANCE and expected french! LOLOL Ok I get it now! duh!

Anji said...

Mary Lou: I know how you build up a picture in your mind. Most people are shorter or taller than I imagine them.