Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

While doing my weekly shop at the supermarket I was amazed to hear that they’d tapped into all of my favourite tunes on my computer: Bob Dylan, Tracey Chapman, Peter Gabriel, George Harrison… it was all very strange because they usually have the radio on which is useless - or perhaps I imagined it?

The afternoon found us trying to sort out my Social Security. I seem to have been taken off the list somewhere. It’s very complicated in France and I’ve been having problems for 3 years now, since I set up in business. We were amazed to see that all of our letters were scanned and on the computer so that whoever is unfortunate enough to get landed my case can see what went on. At least my blood tests have been paid for so I’m still in there somewhere…

Christian started his new job at head office on Monday. Apparently he talked and drank coffee all day which he found very boring. He’s used to being rushed off his feet all day and missing out on lunch. He’ll be moving into a house he’s renting with a friend on Friday and his birthday is on Sunday (23 already).

My pupil whose daughter is adopting a little girl from Haiti looked much more relaxed. The plane with the orphans arrived at midday, just before her lesson with me. They were really worried that the children would be trapped there because of all the problems with kidnapping. This adoption had been set up a long time before the earthquake.

I went for my usual leg treatment and just missed the bus by a few seconds so I had to wait in town for the next bus; another afternoon gone..

I got out into the garden; pruned the roses right back and cut away the dead ivy. There is a nest cradled in the branches of the ivy, so I was careful not to disturb it. I’ve got so much to do in the garden, it’s a real jungle, but I didn’t see any lions and tigers.

Rob got home at around 6 and it was light enough to go for a walk to the sea, it made a lovely change. We saw and heard blue tits calling to each other We know that spring is on the way when we can go for a walk in the early evening.

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