Saturday, February 27, 2010

The lumpy course of life

Olivier is home for the weekend to celebrate the 20th birthday of one of his friends (I’ve already mentioned that). Just after lunch he beckoned me into his room and asked me to promise not to get upset. If anything gets a mother going it’s being asked not to get upset. He’s been into hospital. On Thursday morning he slipped on the staircase of the student residence, fell down some stairs and knocked himself out. He remembers passing out waking up and then waking up again in the ambulance. He didn’t want to stay in hospital, but they told him that they would call the police if he left and locked up his clothes. Anyway Dom had to go and collect him yesterday afternoon as they wouldn’t let him out alone. He didn’t mention it last night when he got home, in fact he came in, muttered hello and went out straight away. He says he feels fine today after a decent night’s sleep. We now have to sort out his social security information as his new card arrived Monday and was here. Now he understands why it’s important to have the card with him.

As I write, we’ve put away all of the garden furniture and collected up candles lanterns matches etc. (We don’t have a torch that works at the moment). There is a storm coming towards us. On the shipping forecast they said perhaps hurricane force 12. When we were at the café the prefecture phoned and told them to put everything away and not go out later on. The boys were going to go into town to celebrate the birthday, but as the bars will be shut up, there is no point. They will celebrate at a friends and Olivier is aware that he might not be able to walk home even – if he’s capable, that is.

All we have to do now is wait.


Keith said...

Oh dear Anji, you will have to keep us posted about the foul weather. If it's coming North then no doubt we will get it as well! We always seem to get France's left-overs!

Dom was lucky inasmuch they wanted him to stay a bit longer. Here they chuck you out as soon as possible. Not enough beds you see. . .

Word verification is "plesqui". Isn't that a french word?

Dru Marland said...

Yes, when I got my skull fractured I was turfed out of hospital and wandered in a state of delirium through Portsmouth. Got home eventually... I hope he recovers fully, quickly.

Still watching the weather charts anxiously, as I've got some motorway driving to do today...

Anji said...

Keith: Our hospital system seems better most of the time. If you're going to have a stroke make sure you have it this side of the pond.

"plesqui" does sound French. It's funy how the word verification often seems to fit.

Dru: I am surprised. In that state you were more likely to end up back in again.