Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another one blogging about snow

Exceptionally, I’ve got two mornings of exam supervision this week. I can’t get there this morning because of the snow. Snow is forecast for tomorrow morning too. Looking out of the window I see the tracks of one car on the road. Everyone is taking the advice to stay indoors it seems.

Officially it never snows in La Rochelle. When we built the house the roof was left unlined - because it never snows. The first winter we had a lot of snow which collected inside the roof space. We couldn’t remove it because it was lying on top of the insulation. We just waited for it to melt. We have snow every four years. In the late 80s new houses had lining inside the roof to keep out the snow.

We had a lovely Christmas and a very quiet New Year. We watched DVD’s of ‘Yes Minister’ and remembered to save a glass of fizzy wine to toast the new year in and then straight to bed. Olivier disappeared for 2 days. They had a party up the road at his friend’s house. At least I didn’t have to worry about him getting from A to B. He had splashes of red wine on his white sweater, apparently someone threw a glass of wine at him. Fortunately they were too drunk to do too much damage. I got the stains out with my beloved washing up liquid.

Happy New Year to everyone. I like the shape of 2010 written down. A good omen.


Jo said...

Happy New year to you too honey, from a snow covered Blighty ;-) Whole country frozen up here. TV Media in full Bird Flu/Terror Attack/Tsunami/Global Financial Meltdown/We're all going to die style ecstasy!!

Dru Marland said...

I can imagine someone with an accordeon and a Gauloises voice singing "Il ne neige jamais en La Rochelle"...

Happy nooyur!

alan said...

Here I have knee deep snow crusted over in the yard by the subfreezing temps we've been stuck in for over a week. Another 6 inches due tonight, and a drop to -14 Fahrenheit for Saturday morning with a high for Saturday of 0 Fahrenheit expected!

I'm glad your holidays were lovely!


helenchapel said...

I smile sympathetically, they said to me when we moved to Cornwall that it never snows here too! every year we have been here it has snowed! We lost all our sensitive pot plants the first year. two lovely acer trees and a date palm the third year, now we have to move everything or just not buy anything that cant stand a heavy frost or snow.

I hope your roof will not be damaged by the wet. Im so glad you had a nice Christmas and new year.
I hope it is a good year for you.


Anonymous said...

Love you blogpot anji. How can I subscribe to it? Love Always Mysti

cassie-b said...

Have a happy new year - all of it. We had our traditional dinner with friends at out house - there were 6 of us. Just a nice group.


Zed said...

Happy New Year Anji. We're getting the snow that England had today - we've had snow on the ground all week and the ground has frozen. It's hard to say how much has fallen due to the wind - but a fair bit. The last decent snow was in mid-December.

I hope it's warming up for you now - it's not here!

Anji said...

Josephine: Life continues as normal then?

Dru: We don't get many accordianists around here. Just South American Indian pipe bands.(How do you say it in Spanish?)

Alan: I hope things are warming up again for you by now, though judging by the comment you left on Nicky's blog, no.

Helen: I hope that everything is well with you. 'It never snows here' seems to bring it in drifts.

Mysti: It was a lovely surprise to find your comment! In theory you should be receiving email up-dates to two of your addresses, I wasn't sure which to use.

Cas: Happy new year to you too.

Zed: Hope you're keeping warm; Do you still have hot water?