Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Time to take up the treatment of the veins in my legs again. I really messed up the buses. I looked at the weekend and holiday timetable so I got off one bus only to see the connection disappearing into the distance; I had plenty of time so I walked; it was a lovely hot day. We don’t have many hills around here, just the one I had to walk up to get to the clinic. It was a very hot day by the time I arrived. The doctor told me that her secretary shouldn’t have made any appointments for legs yet, it’s too hot, so she just did a few little veins…

I don’t like waiting for buses, so I usually look at the timetable and walk to the next stop. I though it was a safe option as there wasn’t another bus for 20 minutes at least. The bus was running late and passed me halfway between the twp stops so I had to walk all of the way back again. It was still hot.

I was shattered when I got in. We walk a lot but not usually in the heat.

During the evening I stubbed my toe on the wine rack in the corridor. It’s been there for years, why now? Also I don’t walk around in bare feet anymore as my dad had a toe amputated. I have a very painful and fast turning blue toe. I suppose as long as it’s painful it means it’s ‘okay’

On Friday I’m off for my annual visit to the Swedish chef. That’s a car journey, I just hope it starts….


cassie-b said...

I didn't know they only treat those veins in the cool weather.

Have a great time on Friday!

Flowers said...

That's a very pretty one. enjoyed your article very much. cheers :)

Phyllis said...

I am going to copy the paragraphs of the buses and missing your connections.
I am the trainer for drivers here and I have a customer service class that I stress the importance of giving the right information to folks looking for connections. I also send them out to "ride the buses" in other systems and just give them a schedule and let them "figure it out" themselves.
Kinda scarey.
I keep telling my sister to put on slippers but NOOOOOO, she says she only has a few feet to walk to the bathroom. Well that is where she stubbed her toe and thought she broke it!!
Wear your slippers!!

Mary Lou said...

I broke my toe about a month ago, it is now all pink and pretty but sits at a weird angle and hurts.

Anji said...

Carol: it's more comfortable in cooler weather. On Friday I had a great time being praised for losing weight!

Flowers: hello and thanks

Phyllis: It was all my own fault. I was looking at the summer timetable which was out of date. The way back was my own fault.

My toe still hurts and I am wearing my slippers. My punishment was that I couldn't wear my new boots when I went out, they hurt my toe too much. Normally they are very comfortable.

Mary Lou: I did wonder if I had broken mine. can they do anything for a broken toe - traction?!!