Friday, September 11, 2009

Last of the flowers

Since the last week of August I’ve had the impression that the leaves are changing colour and are ready to start falling. They have. At the beginning of September we had lots of rain which washed some from the trees. This week has been hot and windy, so there are even more lying around on the ground.

I’ve started to find lots of spiders and so far three very big ones have made their way into the house. Where did the summer go? What summer? You may well ask. Last weekend there were more swimmers here than we’ve seen all summer.

These are some flowers I drew 10 years or so ago when I used to have lessons. Dom’s nicked my tubes of water colour paint and the only reason she didn’t take the acrylics last time she came was that they had all dried up. So even if I had the time...

Anyway, in those days I used to have free time in the holidays because I was teaching back then. I bought some flowers in from the garden, arranged them in a vase and started to draw them, much to the fascination of one of Olivier’s friends. He asked very politely if he could watch and he was very quiet for about 15 minutes, but I could tell something was about to come to the surface.

“Would you like me to turn them round so that you can draw the backs?”


alan said...


They brought my first smile today!


Mary Lou said...


cassie-b said...

What a short summer.

You should really concentrate on drawing more. Your flowers are just lovely. I'm envious of your talent.

Keith said...

Summer? What Summer? Did I blink and miss it?

Nice picture. Did you do many more?

caroline said...

Glorious summer weather has just arrived in time for ripping out old rotten windows. In such a wet season this is as near a miracle as you can get. The chessnut tree is tinged on the edges with brown and the first few leaves have given up and fallen. so I guess that is summer over.

Caroline XX

Search for a job said...

I agree with you. I didn't enjoy the summer too. Nice painting!

Anji said...

Alan: I'm pleased I gave you something to smile about!

Mary Lou: He was cute, but a pain too at times.

Cas: I think I'd have to do a lot of re-learning to get to that stage again. I need more time!

Kieth: I have got some more, our teacher left her husband and children and the village. She does still teach, but too far away for me.

Caroline: Out leaves are falling thick and fast this year, usually they last longer. Autumn is my favourite season, especially when it isn't too cold.

Search for a job: thanks for leaving a comment. We can always look forward to next summer!

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