Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Great Gatsby across the miles

It’s a little while since Dom told me this one so the details might not be exact:

Before Christmas Dom borrowed a copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ in English from the library at Poitiers. As she was busy she had to hand it back unfinished, so she left a bookmark in at the page where she had read to and returned the book. When she went back to re-borrow the book it was out, which she thought a bit of a coincidence considering the book was in English. She kept a look out for the book and surprise, surprise, she found it again with her bookmark still in place and a little note. The note was from an American student who could not resist trying to find out who would be reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ in a French town. They corresponded for a little while – probably about books and went their separate ways.


BethGray said...

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Beth Gray
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Anji said...

Bethgray: Thanks for your visit, I'll be reading some more of your 'hooker' tips!

Doris said...

What a lovely and charming story Anji :-) I shall probably remember it all day and smile .... it is a great opener for a novel ... apart from the bit about going their separate ways. That'd make it a bit short! LOL

Anji said...

Doris: It could have been the start of something interesting. Books are a great way to start a friendship. One of Rob's colleagues sends me English books she's finished with. She was thrilled the other day to see Olivier, who has a summer job, reading one of her ex-books when it was quiet. I think it's probably only the second book he's read outside school, so I'm thrilled too!

It's nice to see you back again!