Sunday, June 14, 2009


In the past I always listened to 'Go 4 it' on Sunday evenings after the Archers on BBC Radio 4. 'Go 4 it' was a magazine programme for children and was always fascinating to listen to. The BBC discovered that the average age of the programme’s listeners was - ahem- fifty something, so they axed it.


billy said...

hmm. that's so uncool..

cassie-b said...

bummer! I hate when they do that kind of stuff.


Keith said...

I should think so! You're to old for "Thomas the Tank Engine" and the "Flower-pot Men"! Tut!

lom said...

Hi popped over from keiths, now you have 4 comments

Dru Marland said...

It sounds like it was Second Life for the otherwisely internet-enabled generation. I shall listen to Big Toe books with trepidation from now on.

cube said...

That is so counter-intuitive. Who cares how old your audience is as long as you have one.

On the other hand, the real money comes from selling advertising time. Erectile dysfunction pills and urinary incontinence diaper commercials just wouldn't fly for a children's program.

Nevermind ;-)

Anji said...

Billy: Thanks for your comment, that's the BBC for you.

cas: I lloked forward to that programme every week

Keith: it was excellent, books, peotry, the arts, science and not a glimpse of the little weed.

Iom: Hello!

Dru: Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Big Toe, I will enjoy myself there.

Cube: The BBC does not advertise. As Keith will explain they collect money for TV licences, which must be paid whether you have one or not!