Monday, June 01, 2009

Birds, bees and the rest


In the past I’ve written about the dwindling numbers of sparrows and butterflies on different occasions. I’m pleased to say that I think that I’ve made a difference. When I put out scraps of bread I can sometimes count as many as 20 sparrows as well as blackbirds sharing the crumbs. This afternoon I was watching the action in my deutzia bush outside the kitchen window. It is alive with bees and butterflies, mainly painted ladies but there was also a rather large swallowtail type butterfly which hung around for a while so that I could observe him/her.

So I think that next I would like some more tiny blue butterflies, I haven’t had one of those in my garden for a few years and we seem to be a bit short of Emperor and other dragon flies at the moment. I’ll let you know what happens ..


There were more and more butterflies as the afternoon wore on. Whenever a car or pedestrian passed by the butterflies flew up into the air. I’m sure there were at least 50 on the side of the bush that I could see. Later I was ironing in Dom’s room (nice to have more space – I now have an ‘ironing room’) I heard some juvenile chattering and a blue tit with one of it’s youngsters came in search of food. The parent was very busy picking insects from the branches and feeding them to their chick. It was pretty windy and both of them had quite a job hanging on.

This morning the painted ladies are slowly coming back as the day becomes warmer and they’ve been joined by a couple of red admirals. There is also a rose chafer ‘caressing’ the flowers. I wonder who’ll turn up next?


Mary Lou said...

Yikes you still IRON? If it has to be ironed in my house, it never gets worn again!

cassie-b said...

Wonderful. Feeding the birds that come into your yard is such a worthwhile thing to do. Not only is it nice for them to get a "free lunch" but their entertainment value is priceless.

We feed the birds, and then sit out on the deck and enjoy the show.

Anji said...

Mary Lou: Not only do I iron I'm the proud owner of a new ironing board. I don't do sheets or tea-towels.

Cas: yes I could spend the whole afternoon watching the comings and goings...