Saturday, May 09, 2009

News report

This was the news report yesterday evening. It's in French, but the images of the divers are excellent. Rob managed to go up and watch from above the divers, he doesn't think that it was the best view. I managed to see one dive with the webcam. One of the divers was injured, but nothing too serious.

I tried some Red Bull last night, Olivier was right; a mixture of cough syrup and lemsip, yeuk.


Peter (Worldman): said...

I never tasted Red Bull. I always thought that it must taste terrible. Reading your "result", I don't have to try.

Nice reportage on the divers and good to watch and hear Claire Chazal from far away.

Dru Marland said...

God that looked scary.

The Johnny Halliday gig, I mean.


(postscript: I see that today's verification word for me is "ousernes". Bear wine?

Keith said...

The things people do just to get noticed! Sacre bleu!

cassie-b said...

Nice to watch, but it's not something I'll be trying.


Anji said...

Peter: I haven't watched TF1 news for a long time and was surprised that Claire is still there.

Dru: I feel the same about Johhny too. he's going to be a daddy again soon, I think he's on his third adopted child, whch will make 5.
Would ousernes be white or rosé?

Keith: Yes it drew thousands. Most of the time they have to watch out for people trying to jump off

cas: I wouldn't like to swim in the port under the best of conditions