Saturday, November 01, 2008

Me and science

I participated in a scientific experiment last week. I had to finish around 200 sentences and not use pronouns, be grammatically correct and all in French. Needless to say I was hopeless, I was also a bad subject as I’m not a native French speaker. The idea was to see if people used the correct forms under stress, I suppose to see how the subconscious takes over. The sentences were messed around a bit to trip you up and I kept reading qui as que which changed things a lot. It certainly was stressful for me. The only other experiment I’ve taken part in was at the common cold unit in 1984. I had flu and was given placebos.

I took Dom back to the station this morning and collected Olivier from a friend’s on the way back, how’s that for ecological co-ordination? (Or perhaps convenient children)


LittleO said...

heehee, science experiments are fun. my sister did one once about the sense of smell affecting the sense of taste... she had people smelling apple-scented things while eating watermelon-flavored things, and vice-versa, with a few different flavors. (i think we had apple, watermelon, cherry, and one other) we got some crazy guess for what the people were actually eatting!

i've always wanted to trying putting mice or rats in mazes with food at the end, but make one maze out of wood and one maze out of glass, and see if the glass would make it easier because they could see the food... or harder because it'd confuse them, not being able to see their boundaries clearly.

sorry i totally... uh... forgot the word. um. ... . . . i'm... sorry i'm... you know... going... talking... continuously... that word... on your blog...

yeah okay bye... ^^;

<3 o.

Peter (Worldman): said...

This reminds me: I still have to make the "page 123" thing.

Anji said...

'O': taste and smell are very deceptive. I hope you'll be nice to your rats and mice... but it would be interesting to know.

Peter: I will be looking out for it now!

Titania Starlight said...

Now that is quite interesting. I would have done horrid! Especially if you had to do it in a second language.

Wow you took part in a one for the cold. That will always be a tough one to cure as it changes and mutates so much. I'm a big grump when I get a cold. I hide in my recliner like a bear not wanting to come out until it is all over. :O)

cassie-b said...

Wow - what a difficult experiment. I'm afraid that I would have failed miserably.

The only experiment I was ever involved in was the original Crest toothpaste test. And the best part of that was that my family got free toothpaste for 2 years.


LittleO said...

oh, i would never be cruel to my rodents! i imagine i would borrow pet mices from some friends, or maybe catch mice from the barn and let them go afterwards.

maybe i'd do both. i wonder if there'd be a difference between how it would affect rats and mice?

thank you for responding to my post. :] that sounds like a very interesting painting... i hope that i'm on that road to, even though it isn't a lot of fun, it would be worth it.

i'm glad my post was thought-provoking. those are the ones that i'm always glad i've written afterward. :]

<3 o.

Phyllis said...

Sounds like too much work to me!

Ceylan said...

Hello there, whilst surfing around to find the lyrics of Hallucinating Light by Roy Harper, I stumbled across your blog (specifically, an entry from 2004).
What a charming, genuine woman you seem to be. I am glad there are people like you out there. I also have to say I completely agree with your music tastes; Nick Drake? Colin Blunstone? Van Morrison? oh yes! :)

Anji said...

Titania: Fortunately it was my daughter who tedted me so she understood my struggle. it was the common Cold Unit, but the week i went for they were testing something for flu!

'O': I'd like to bet mice are smarter than rats.

Phyllis: All in the interest of science!!

Ceylan: Thank you for the compliment. I have quite a few visitors looking for Hallucinating light.