Thursday, April 19, 2007

What colour are your eyes?
Dom sent me this. They've been learning a lot from a set of videos about a very special teacher. If you've got time please watch all four.


Karen said...

A very powerful story. I wish part 5 were available too. This should be a required subject in all schools. Interesting, thanks Anji.

Anji said...

Karen: I agree. Those children were so fortunate to have a teacher like that.

cassie-b said...

I just watched the series. I had heard of this before, but never seen the actual tapes. Very interesting, and disturbing.



Kimberley said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm going to watch with my boys for sure.

Anji said...

Cas: it's such a simple way to get the idea across.

Kimberly:Glad to be of service!