Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bits and bobs
On May 5th we’ve got a postcard auction to attend. I’m really looking forward to buying in new stock. Last time we went we did pretty well and our estimates for the prices of the lots were pretty accurate. Needless to say Rob will do the bidding and I shall be trying not to fidget.

Recently I’ve been giving English lessons to a ten year old. I’d really forgotten how much I enjoyed teaching children. There is a lot more preparation beforehand though. My pupil is a really nice boy, polite, well behaved and clever. He speaks Spanish at home but is fascinated that Olivier speaks English and French. His mum makes great coffee too!

We’ve decided that this summer Olivier is going to help with some jobs around the house. There are a lot of things which need moving around and sorting out. (I am told that humping doesn’t mean what it used to) His muscles* will come in useful when I take things to the tip/dump too. I just hope that I can prize him out of bed early enough.

*He’s recently taken up weight training.


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the auction. I'd have to try hard now to fidget.


Anji said...

Cas; I've now discovered I've got to go to one of the viewings - alone!