Friday, August 18, 2006

Touch Wood
I haven't seen a naughty lady with no clothes on today - yet. Dom twiddled around and things appear to have settled down. My site loads properly if I use internet explorer and one or two sites seem to have re-appeard. I haven't checked Haloscan yet. I've got to check my blogroll as a few were missing there too, I have their email addresses so hopefully I can keep in touch that way.

I think I can say that yesterday Dom earnt her teapot.

We've been having rain. Lots of floods throughout France. Rob was busy at work too (for a change).


Anonymous said...

I think, you're PC is infested by spyware. You do donwload "spybot" and "adaware" and have a good "antivirus" (Kaspersky for exemple).
Other solution : use Mozilla firefox. it's better security as internet explorer.
Scuse my english, it's alway bad.
Have a good day

Anonymous said...

I just read your first comment, and I use Spybot and adaware. So far, no naked ladies.

I hope your problem goes away. It's so frustrating to have computer troubles.

It sounds like your shopping trip was lots of fun.

Anji said...

ouaf ouaf: Nice to see you again! Thanks, your English is very good. we have lots of protection, I think the problem was my fault when I loweded the cookie thing.

Cas; Fingers crossed they've all gone home.