Thursday, May 11, 2006

Exam time - again.
This week marked the start of another three weeks of exams at the school of commerce where I supervise. We got off to a great start, we were five in a room with 100 students. Saida found someone with math’s formulae written in tiny writing on the back of her metal ruler. It was before the exam started so we let her sit the exam, minus ruler and made our report. Towards the end of the exam a student fainted, fortunately, there were two male supervisors as he was really big and needed lugging to where he could be lain on the floor in the recovery position. An ambulance was called, but I don’t think they took him to hospital. He hadn’t eaten breakfast, silly boy. The room was quite stuffy despite the air-conditioning, I opened the windows as I was starting a migraine. I had a headache all day but it didn’t get nasty.

Olivier was also facing his mock exams, I think he knows now that talking about revising is not the same as getting down to some work. Hopefully he will remember when the real exams take place at the end of June.

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