Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Stop press update
I had a lovely e-mail from my cousin Paul. His appearance (!) on the radio show had been confirmed and cancelled. He should get a slot at a later date. He and his band have recently toured a bit in Europe. This is what he wrote about it;

“We're not very rock'n'roll I'm afraid, no tales of debauchery, we even took our own tea set, tea pot and cosy to boot. Spent all our time on the phone to our spouses, had lots of early nights and only missed breakfast once....At one particularly renegade venue in Switzerland I think the band were the only people not partaking. What groupies there were had to make do with a peck on the cheek.”

It made me think about t my younger days. How did I roll home at five thirty in the morning and get up for work two hours later? The thought of it now makes me feel exhausted.

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