Thursday, October 21, 2004

Oh, the joys of nature
As the weather was so good yesterday afternoon I decided to cut back the ivy which grows on and around the porch. I’ve left it for two years as the shade is lovely in the summer. No one told me that stink bugs like to live in there. I didn’t manage to crush one but a load landed on me when I pulled on a strand of ivy. I pulled out all the stems from inside the porch, they came away quite easily but I got something in my eye. It didn’t hurt at the time but today I’m crying out of my left eye and the side next to my nose is very sore. Fortunately I’ve got some good ointment and I’ve taken a paracetemol for the pain.

I’ve had around 7 Praying Manti/Mantises (nice pictures) on the kitchen window sill these past couple of days. We hardly see them during the rest of the year. When I opened the shutter one morning, I crushed one to death, though Olivier swears it was still moving 12 hours later when I closed the shutter. (It was the wind blowing it’s legs around) yeuk!

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