Saturday, November 08, 2003

Olivier and Dominique
went out to buy a new game for the computer, now that we have the room to install it. They decided to get 'gtaIII'. That was okay as we had talked it through and I had given my permission. We were going to get it for Christmas. There is a little ticket on the game which says it is not suitable for under 16's. The shop where they bought it had put the price ticket over the warning. They got through the checkout with it, no problem. This shop is already in a lot of people's bad books, (excuse the pun) because if you want to order a book (required for school for example) you have to order 30 copies. We're lucky here, classes are normally below thirty, so the chance of getting 30 orders together is pretty remote. Fortunately there are two very good private shops in town who are only too happy to order one humble book. And they don't sell yeukky computer games!

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