Friday, September 26, 2003

Ping Pong and X-Rays
Ping pong went well, Olivier told me that it's better than football as there are only twelve in the group. I didn't realize that he was stressed by the numbers at football (30 I think). This afternoon we're off to buy a racquet and cover for it and whatever else ping pongers need.

Unfortunately the X-Ray didn't go so well. He had to sit and have a thing lined up with his ears but moved and hurt himself. He actually cried so it must have been VERY PAINFUL. And, of course, there was the waiting.

He then volunteered to come to the parents evening with me. He sat really quietly and listed to everything!! His poor form teacher was a bit embarrassed, he had an inspection and was rather late because he was being interviewed. Seems to be a nice young man though.

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