Monday, August 21, 2017

A few days away

We had a few days away last week. We based ourselves in Cognac which is a lovely old town famous for the drink of the same name. The old part of the town is beautiful and very interesting. François 1 was born in Cognac in 1494.

We also visited Angoulême, another old town which is famous for its International Comics Festival. Indeed, there are many surprise illustrations on buildings around the town! As well as this statue.

Yesterday on the way home we visited Jarnac which is famous for being the birthplace of the late President François Mitterrand. If you like walking by the river this is the town. Absolutely beautiful!

 All three towns are on the River Charente.


Coline said...

We also visited Angoulême only to find that after years of restoration the cathedral would open the very next day when we had to be 200 miles away... Lovely part of the world, sadly we have decided to fly over it rather than drive through so late in the year. Good to see you getting out to enjoy that lovely country.

Anji said...

Coline: Sorry for the delay in replying. We've been away visiting St-Malo, Rothéneuf, Jersey and stopped off and visited Monet's garden on the way home. Hopefully I'll find time to write about it soon. The gardens were amazing, even in the rain!. Next week we're seeing two of the children in the UK. We usually get caught out with Monday closing (Rob's monument is open every day of the year - almost). This time all was well.