Monday, March 30, 2015

Chicken Soup II

I left the soup in the fridge so that I could skim off the fat easily. Then I used a colander to drain the soup from the bits of chicken and vegetable (yes, I remembered to use a second saucepan so that I didn’t throw the stock down the drain). The chicken came away from the bones very easily. I whisked all the bits of veggies and chicken together in a blender and added the mixture to the stock. It was really good. Not as salty as I was expecting as I’m used to ready made soup. I have enough for today’s lunch and tomorrow. Rob will be home for lunch then and be able to have some too.

It’s not something that I would make if I had people round to eat, there is a lot of messy fiddling about in the middle stage. It’s a good way of using every tiny scrap of leftover chicken.


Angela Kay said...

Ooo lovely! I've also been experimenting with making soups and agree that chicken soup is a great way to get every bit of goodness from the chicken carcass. I tried adding pearl barley once, but didn't hammer it smooth enough so the soup ended up rather gritty. Tasted good, though.

My favourite, so far, is spicy lentil and tomato soup. I also turned some of our homegrown beetroot into Bortsch, which was very yummy.

Good fun, isn't it.

Anji Knutsen said...

Angela: I think that I might start making my own soup. I felt very virtuous using every single scrap of chicken!