Monday, December 08, 2014

Coming up next... Christmas!

Not long to go now.  I put the Christmas decorations up last Tuesday and even if I say so myself; they're looking good.

Dom and J-M will be coming for Christmas with Holly the cat.  Olivier might be coming.  He will have to spend a lot of time and money on trains so he must decide if it's worth it.  He's at work on the 26th.  Rob will be working on the 26th too.  We still find the idea strange, even after 30 years.

When I was teaching at the language school years ago.  I had a lesson at 7.30 in the morning on the 26th December.  My student didn't show.  It turned out she was very ill on Christmas day and tried to contact the school, leaving a message on the answer phone in the office which was locked.  I managed to get the next bus home after waiting around for half an hour.  The sun still hadn't risen by the time I got back!

I haven't been blogging much, or visiting.  Rob is borrowing my laptop most evenings as his is very slow.  hopefully we will be reorganised in a couple of weeks - a friend is fixing his old laptop.


Coline said...

Happy Christmas Anji.

Mari said...

There was a time when I had to work on the 26th and it was the gloomiest ever day at work for me. Now I got used to it as in the pkace I live, only few celebrates Catholic Christmas. Orthodox Christmas cones in January so work goes on before New Year in fact.

Anji Knutsen said...

Coline: Thank you - you're very early with your greetings!

Mari: It must feel good to be celebrating when it is all over for us.

keith said...

I did my Christmas decorations today. I pinched some holly from the park, washed out a jam jar and stuck the holly in it, and put it in the window. That's it for another year!
Happy Christmas!

Anji Knutsen said...

Keith: I bet that wasn't true. Merry Christmas!

Donald Bell said...

Too bad you don't live closer (not over the pound!!), I'd have fixed his computer for him as well!! :)


Anji Knutsen said...

Don: Thank you, Ill bear your offer in mind. Rob got his laptop back. Dom spent quite a lot of time over Christmas installing pilots etc. It works, now he says it is too slow!