Saturday, November 22, 2014

The eggs were well and truly scrambled

I was very disappointed with N.C.I.S. yesterday evening. It is very popular in France. Friday evening we have episodes of N.C.I.S. and on Saturday evening episodes of N.C.I.S. Los Angeles.

 In episode 23 of season 11, Tony finds himself in Marseille. Why wasn’t the episode filmed in Marseille? The outside shots looked suspiciously like thinly disguised Washington sets. When Tony asked for breakfast in French the waitress arrived with scrambled eggs! In a café, breakfast is croissants or baguette and jam or both if you ask for ‘petit déjeuner complet’.

In my etiquette book the question is asked “What should one give American guests for breakfast?” and the answer is that American guests do not travel all the way to Europe to be served with their own food, so give them what you normally eat yourself. (The book dates from the 1930s)

I’m sure that CBS could have done better there.


jan said...

They really should hire you as consultant if they go to France again.

Angie Kay said...

CBS are not the only sinners. When the BBC recently filmed Jamaica Inn in Scotland, the cries of anguish from Cornwall were heartfelt and clearly audible in Broadcasting House.

keith said...

When travelling in France I usually stay at Formulae 1 or Premiere Class hotels who serve petit déjeuner complet as standard. No sausages, eggs, fried bread, bacon etc., and you should hear the fuss some Brits make in the mornings "We want a proper breakfast!"

"Eh bien, rentrer à la maison alors!"

Me? I enjoy the croissants, baguette avec jam, brioche bread, with a bowl of chocolate to dunk them in. Lovely.

Anji said...

Jan: I'd be happy to volunteer

Angela: They must have known it would cause an uproar.

Keith: We tried Formule 1 this year. We wont be going back. The breakfast was good though.

Anji said...

Since I wrote this I have seen another episode of NCIS where they were supposed to be in France and they had croissants for breakfast! Can't help wondering who reads my blog.... Tony, Abbey, Gibbs?...