Monday, August 25, 2014

Flies and not nice


A couple of weeks ago we had quite a few flies buzzing around the house. There is a farmyard across the road so it’s no surprise in hot weather. Olivier suggested I buy fly spray or sticky strips. I think sticky strips are disgusting to look at and spray means humans get dosed with chemicals too.

 I researched online and tried out three homemade traps: I cut three plastic water bottles in half and put sugar syrup in one, cider vinegar with water in another and the third was a fruity smelling washing up liquid, in my case grapefruit, with water. The tops of the bottles were turned upside down and placed to make a funnel down to the trap. The idea is that flies are not clever enough to find the way out again.

 Results: Not one fly got caught in a trap and I have the feeling that not one fly was tempted. I managed to swat one or two in the early in the morning when they were still sleepy. I got double scores a couple of times when I managed to swat mating couples (you can really creep up on them when they are at it). The flies have disappeared now as the weather is a lot cooler. Perhaps they took the hint?

Not nice 

Rob and I are trying very hard not to use the word nice. I didn’t realize how much I used the word. The challenge is to find another adjective to use. The synonym finder has been very helpful, but is a little heavy to lug around in my handbag .

 One afternoon while out on a walk, we went through the alphabet trying to find alternative words to use. We haven’t found a nice beginning with X yet.

 Do you know what or who a “nice-nelly” is?


Angie Kay said...

I recall that when I was a kid an advertisement appeared in the newspaper for a simple fly killer that worked every time. Those who responded received two blocks of wood and a typed sheet of instructions that went something like this...
1) catch fly
2) place fly on block A
3) strike block A firmly with block B.

Anji said...

Angela: This one made me laugh. It would be effective though; first catch your fly...

Ellena said...

A farmer nearby was kind enough to no longer spread manure on a field across the street from us.
Fly problem stopped.
I don't know anybody that is excessively modest or prude but learned a new expression.

Anji said...

Ellena: Thank you for visiting. I remember the smell of manure spreading from my childhood on a farm! It's amazing what you can learn from other bloggers.