Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Introducing Holly the Cat

... and that's all you get

Already a week has gone by since Dom, J-M and their cat Holly came to stay. Needless to say the weather was bad, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Dom brought a bottle of champagne with her. She’s had another paper accepted. She’s hoping to become Doctor before her 26th birthday in November. She’s also got a job next year at the university in Poitiers for a year. After that they will travel and work abroad.

J-M’s pupils are preparing for the baccalaureate in June so he’s almost at his first year’s end as a philosophy teacher. He doesn't know just yet where he will be sent next year – hopefully not too far from Poitiers.

Holly the cat? She’s gorgeous and very well behaved. Didn’t jump up anywhere she wasn’t supposed to. When we went into town for a look around the shops we left her with Rob. She spent quite a lot of time sat on the windowsill by my desk studying the hens in the farmyard below. Rob and I missed the patter of tiny paws on the stairs after they’d gone home.

On the Sunday morning we went to 4 Brocantes (sort of boot sales)in the villages around here. None of us found anything interesting enough to buy. Unfortunately, there are so many during the spring and early summer months now that real treasures are hard to find. Dom made Aubergine (eggplant) Korma when we arrived home for lunch. It was wonderful. There was enough for me to have the next day for lunch so I was very happy.

Just over a week ago Olivier had an interview with a bank and then dashed to the University in Rennes to attend some speed interviews with even more banks. He needs to find work for his month on month off university course. At the moment he’s waiting to hear so everything is crossed for him.

Stop Press One of the banks have contacted him today for an interview!
Stop stop Press He has a skype interview next week!


Keith said...

Good luck to Oliver.

Didn't Holly try to escape when she was at your house? My cat would. Giving a chance she would try to find her way home.

MedicatedMoo said...

That eye...! Just that slice of her shows what a stunning looking creature she is

Agree re the brocantes. The ones here have already been thoroughly picked-over and no treasures are left. Winter time seems to be the season for finds

Good luck to your children for their jobs and studies!

Anji said...

Keith: Thanks for the good wishes for Olivier. he has another interview with another bank on Monday.

She didn't try to escape. At her real home she is only just starting to explore outside...

Kath: She is beautiful! I'm biased because I am her Granny. It's good to see you back blogging

Don said...

How did the interview go with the other bank on that Monday?

Anji said...

Brother Don: Sorry I didn't answer sooner. He got the job! His real interview later went so well that they phoned him when he was driving home to tell him he got it. Now he has to organise two homes for alternate months at University and the bank.