Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It’s called Friday 13th

The end of last week was a particularly bad one here. The Maritime Museum caught fire in town. The museum is/was in a ship which had just been renovated at an enormous cost ready for the season; an electrical fault.

 The weather on Friday itself was very wet, windy and cold. The music festival that the town was holding over five nights was delayed for that evening, and then cancelled. Olivier had a job for the five days and nights of the festival on a food stand. This involved us collecting him from town around four o’clock every morning. Fortunately Rob was on holiday for four of the days, but we still found it very tiring. We did have an early night on the evening that was cancelled – if you call 2 am early.

This year I have been growing some sunflowers and they were doing very well, especially the one that was taller than me. The wind blew it over. I put the top in water but after a couple of days it was obvious that it was dying.

Here is one in the fields


Coline said...

I have tried growing them in the past and the birds love the seed heads.

Some of my best have been self seeded often in walls so I guess the birds don't always chew!

Anji said...

Caroline: I was hoping to leave tham for the birds. I don't think cats can climb sunflowers. It will be interesting to see if anything comes up next year - though I still haven't had the flowers yet!