Sunday, June 10, 2012

Found at last

I've been looking out for Twizzle for a long time, it was my favourite show.


Caroline said...

Who would ever have thought we would be able to revisit our youth like this?

Have to admit this is not one I know.

Unknown said...

I can't watch videos in firefox at the moment because of some bug, I'll have to watch it later in chrome.

No problem for the write up about expose your blog, I've got two referrals from it so far as well so it must be working.

Anonymous said...

Golliwog? Oh my God! What will the politically correct brigade make of that?

And as for 'Teddy' Bear, that's a slur on Edward Kennedy who claimed that the bear was named after him by his political enemies.

Boy! Are you in bother or what. . .

Anji said...

aroline: I was pleased to find it and I'm sure I had the colouring book too.

Nancy: Thanks for your help. I hope you can see this video soon.

Keith: A doll made from the dark dresses of the puritans.... I've still got a badge somewhere from the jam pots.