Monday, February 20, 2012

I don't think I like it

I've never liked going to the hairdressers.  I've had too many bad experiences.  Once I went somewhere for a perm and the girl doing it was so slow someone stepped in to help her.  I ended up with one side different to the other.  The hairdressers was called Sweeny Todds - I should have guessed.

Anyway on Friday I finally went to have my hair 'trimmed', though I rather fancied the idea of it flicking up.  Not knowing much about this kind of thing, I expected it to be flicked over using a brush and a hair dryer.  I should be so lucky.  I didn't realise I had so much hair untill I saw how much she was chopping off.  She was making layers and layers.  I wasn't happy when I went home.  I didn't want to complain because I didn't want anymore cut off!

I sent a photo to Dom and J-M and they said they liked it

This morning I washed it and 'did' it my self.  I'm not someone who can spend hours in the bathroom fiddling. 

I prefer a straight bob like my ID pic.  What do you think?


Caroline said...

Looks a lot like my cut so I will say mine looks great when I smile!

Véronique said...
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Dru Marland said...

I really like it.
Though I remember when I was growing my hair long, and went for a trim and ended up with something that resembled Pete Townsend with a mullet; not what I was expecting, and resulting in my flatmate attacking the back with the scissors to make it less mullety.

Kath Lockett said...

I like the bottom picture best, the one that you 'did' yourself. More natural, more 'shape' and really suits you. :)

Nanny said...

Hello Anji,
Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog :)
Your hair looks wonderful...suits you face shape.

Nannys Place

Lilize said...

I like it! :)

i, too, have had horrendous experiences. my very first perm was so awesome that i wanted to try it again - i tried it 4 times after the first one was gone, and all 4 times were disastrous. the last one, same thing that happened to u - one side was curly and the other one ended up straight.

for many years i cut my hair by myself, my opinion was - if it's gonna get screwed, at least i'm not paying for it! hehe.
then i gave it a go at a place near my house in california, loved it. for 3 years, always went to the same place, with the same girl. now i live in brazil and was lucky enough to find another decent hairdresser just across the street from my house.

hope u make amends with your new look, i actually think it looks cute :)

will check back more often! :*

Doris said...

Must say, I prefer your longer bob in your ID pic. It will only take a year or so to grow back if you let it. When I look back over the last decade I am surprised how many times I have gone for very short and then grown it right back. I've been doing long for the past couple of years (after another short bob) and must say it is briliantly easy to twist up elegantly for my work and keeps it out of the way without having to brush the hair out of my face.

Oh dear about the perm. I had my most successful perm in the late 70s - I think they really knew what they were doing then as they were so popular. Not so now.

Keep smiling! :-)

Anji said...

Sorry I've taken so long to reply.

Caroline: Point taken

Dru: Why are haidressers so keen to use the scissors? Happiness is a pile of hair on the floor it seems.

Kath: thank you. it's settling in now. I'm too impatient to fiddle

nanny: Hello! Thank you.

Lilize: It's good when you find a hairdresser you can trust. I did find one, but she moved away.

Doris: A year or so? That is much too long. I had a very good perm in 1982. very expensive hairdressers where you had a consultation before and a tidy up a week later. It was worth every penny.

Suz said...

Yes I totally understand about the bad hairdressing experiences. I'd say don't go to the hairdressers in Sweden. And they cost a fortune. I really like the new cut Anji.

Anji said...

Suz: thanks for the advice. Rob has relatives in Stockholm, perhaps one day your advice could serve me well.

Thank you, it's growing on me now. having layers has brought out the curls I didn't know I had