Friday, August 05, 2011

Impromptu music

Dom and J-M came to stay last weekend. We had good weather – yes, there was about one weekend’s worth. On Saturday evening we sat outside and had a barbeque. A little while before we were to start a neighbour knocked on the door and informed me that they were having some friends from Quebec. He explained that it might be a little noisy later on. I thanked him and told him that we could tolerate a little noise as he had been so polite.

We were just having a little drink while the barbeque was warming up, when I heard someone paying a banjo. A bass guitar joined in next, followed by an acoustic guitar and later some drums. While we were eating we were treated to a jam session and some blues! It was brilliant. They can make noise like that as often as they like. Once the music had stopped there was very little noise. We heard cars leaving a little after midnight. What nice neighbours we have!

I phoned Dom earlier, she was just finishing the writing of her first paper. By now she’s on holiday for two weeks. They are moving. They’ve found a new flat/apartment at the top of the road where Olivier has just moved out of. It sounds really lovely, they‘ll have an extra room that will act as an office. I hope that we’ll be able to visit them soon.

Am I the only one that thinks that time seems to have speeded up recently?


Caroline said...

Certainly days which should be summer are vanishing quickly!

Don said...

Except for the first week after surgery, time has been moving in the fast lane for about a year now... Too much to do, not enough time to do it, and people are growing up WAY to fast! (On many levels!)


Anonymous said...

It was nice that your neighbor was nice enough to tell you he was going to have people over. My old neighbor had people over every night and sat up and made noise every night till 2 am.

Anji said...

Caroline: Summer always goes too quickly for me

Don: I don't understand why all my friends seem so much older all of a sudden

Connie: We've been very lucky with neighbours over the years. Hope your new neighbours are quiet ones.