Sunday, August 15, 2010

The chicks fly

As I’m writing this Dom is probably at the airport in Paris waiting to board her flight for Chicago. I hope that she hasn’t forgotten anything, her poster for example, which she’ll be presenting here. Dom is number 18 on Page 8. An old school friend of hers will be in Chicago too to keep her company and help her to explore in her free time. We’re wondering what ‘continental breakfast’ is like Chicago style and do they have croissants and are they anything like the real ones.

She came to stay for two weeks at the beginning of August, it was good to see her, especially as she is a good cook too! J-M came for a few days too and mended the gate!! Remember the episode of Sliders when they thought they were in then wrong universe because the gate didn’t squeak anymore?

At the end of August they will be driving to England so that J-M can meet the family.

Olivier will be moving into his own apartment in September. I’ve seen the pictures and it looks quite spacious. It’s very light as there are two windows plus a skylight. We’ll be taking him to Poitiers on the 2nd September. I’m looking forward to seeing where he will be living for the next year or so. It’s next to the park, I’ve seen the park on lots of old Postcards of Poitiers but never managed to see it for real.

Rob and I will be real ‘empty nesters’ next year. Once Olivier is settled I expect he won’t be home at weekends.

On Thursday Rob and I will be off to an auction viewing; This time we’re giving ourselves more time to visit the town of Tours. I always enjoy seeing our ‘expert’ he’s a human Google and Wikipedia rolled into one. Of course we’ll be seeing some beautiful postcards too…


Caroline said...

The years just after chicks fly are supposed to be some of the best years for couples according to latest research, the things people research hey!

Missed the park too and this year could not even stay in Poitiers because of house repairs. Shall look out for it next time we can afford a road trip through France.

Caroline xxx

cassie-b said...

Being an empty nester just makes their visits all the sweeter.

Dru Marland said...

I'm trying to get used to the idea that I shall be on my own again in a few years, as Katie becomes increasingly self-propelled. I tell myself that it's a chance to go off and do wild and exciting things. Hmm.

Enjoy Tours!

Veronica said...

Never having had children, I can only imagine the difference when they've left home pretty much for good. But it always sounds as if you and Rob have a good solid relationship on your own. I bet you will enjoy the difference! And the visits, when they happen.

Sliders was one of those shows I worked on as an extra several times but never watched. :)

Keith said...

What's "Exploring modal transfer in dialogue" in English?

I'm getting too old to understand all this transfiguration of middle english attenuation stuff!

Whatever it is I'm sure Dom can handle it.

Peter (Worldman): said...

Yes, the chicks fly. So did we when we were young and could not understand our mothers sadness. We have grown, raised our chicks and now they are away. And the same thing will happen to them, one day. Providing they marry. Which is not the case of my two chicks who are over 30.

Anji said...

Caroline: Hopefully I'll see the park next week (see future post!)

Cas: it's certainly true of the other two.

Dru: Wild exciting things... I remember them. The best part so far seems to be not being bound to mealtimes.

Veronica: I am impressed with your Sliders experience. I hope you were in an earlier episode, they were the best ones. I also had a conversation here a few years ago with someone who worked on 'The Forest Rangers'

Keith: I don't know either - Communication, Dom handles it very well.

Peter: I'm sure that they will marry when they find the special one.