Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring, a time to be cheerful

Unfortunately I don’t have much news as such. Today is dull and wet, a contrast to the sunny days we had during the week. At least it’s not freezing cold.

Something I haven’t done for a long time a few years, is dip into my diaries to see what I was doing on this day in the past….

20th March 1999
1999 was the last year that I managed ‘a page a day’. The 20th was a Saturday too. Christian had been on a school skiing trip and we collected him at 7.30 in the morning. I was really pleased to see him as I’d had a phone call on the first day that he arrived asking us to come and fetch him as it was awful. The following day he telephoned to say that everything was wonderful and that they were going to have a karaoke evening. Somewhere amongst my papers I have a letter from Dominique, written when she was around 12. She went on a school trip to Carcassonne and wrote to tell me how much she hated it and that no one liked her and she didn’t like anyone either. ...

Christian left home to live in the UK when he was 16 and Dom left for Poitiers when she was 17. They are both happily settled, so their first times away from home couldn’t have been too bad.


Debbie K said...

Dear Anji
You are a wonderful Mum.
It must be the hardest job in the world.
All the work you have to put in, all the love, all the worry.
The letting go must be so hard. Allowing your children to leave the nest and flourish knowing you have done a brilliant job, the best you could possibly do, must be so rewarding yet tinged with saddness.
Thank you for all your kind comments. You warm words bring sunshine on the greyest of days.
Take care

helenchapel said...

Life may not seem too exciting just now but I would take ordinary over crisis anyday! :) and you have had your fair share of things to deal with recently haven't you. thinking about the flooding and roof etc????

Try to enjoy the calm before the next storm sweetie, they seem to come around sooner and sooner these days don't they?
have a great weekend

helen xx

Graham said...

Today was dull and wet here too. With not much promise of better to come. It's lovely looking at old letters and photos, for me especially, as I've never kept a diary. Other than the stuff I write on the interweb of course. Oh my God! I'm keeping a diary!
Best wishes to you, and yes it is a time to be cheerful.
x Graham

Peter (Worldman): said...

In March 1999 (but I don't remember which day) I received a phone call and was told that I have been accepted as an expert of the "Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit". That was the (late) start of my professional life that made sense. And still goes on.

Anji said...

Debbie: Thank you. I appreciate your comments too!

Helen: as I write this we are waiting for the next one, hopefully not as bad.

Graham: it won't be long before you're reminiscing about your old blog posts

Peter: Let's hope that they allow you to retire within the next ten years.

Kimberley said...

I agree with Debbie. You're a wonderful mom. I hope when my kids are ready to move out in a few years that I'm able to handle it as gracefully as you have.