Thursday, October 22, 2009

Health matters

Yesterday evening I was very shocked by a report shown here on French TV ; I think that the journalists told us that they had been to Virginia and visited a hospital or clinic. It was early morning and lots of people were waiting outside. They were waiting to take part in a lottery to see who would get treatment that day. These people weren’t the poorest, these were people who had lost their jobs and their health cover or they just couldn’t afford it. One woman was asked what was wrong with her; I could tell immediately from her face and neck. She needed hormones for her thyroid. That really struck home with me. I was undiagnosed for two or three years and I remember how much better I felt when my treatment was sorted out. Goodness know what happens to your body if you are treated for a while and then not.

The reporters 'forgot' to mention that in France, Médicines Sans Frontièrs looks after the people who have slipped outside the system. I had a friend who did some voluntary nursing for a while and she was very, very shocked that even in a ‘well to do’ town like La Rochelle there were so many people in need.

Now I know that I’m really old. This morning in the post I received a bulky pink envelope with no indication of the company which sent it. In the past this meant samples of disposable nappies /diapers, baby food, beauty products (posh cotton wool discs) and sanitary products. Well, I’ve discovered that I’ve been promoted to the ‘leaky ladies’ list. Perhaps I should book that shampoo and set at the hairdressers today – what about a lavender rinse?


Zed said...

I would have sent it back - what a cheek!

caroline said...

That is a bit too cruel!

Do as I do and react against advertising that is in bad taste or just plain ugly. I have been known to stop using something because they put out a bad advertisement!

Take a note of the company and if you should ever find a need, buy from the competition

Caroline XXX

Kimberley said...

Treat yourself, you deserve it. And you're not old, you're a beauty.

I am in a constant state of despair over health care. Everywhere. We can land a man on the moon, but we can't figure out basic health care for the human race.

Keith said...

Now that I'm 72 my doctor asked me recently if the waterworks department was OK, and offered me a prescription for some "intercontinental plants". At least that's what I thought he said. (He's Scottish don't cha know)

I assured him that the Water Board had been and checked my supply and the taps only recently, and found that they were in perfect working order and lime-free, and why should I want some "intercontinental plants" when I've already got some nice bonsai trees anyway?

Anji said...

Zed: I know that if I throw it out I'll probably need it, like not having sunglasses on a sunny day or a hanky when I need it most.

Caroline: I'm still boycotting Nescafé since the report I waw at the beginning of the 80's about powdered baby milk in the third world.

Kimberly: Thank you. health care is such a tricky subject, there are so many things we can do to help people, but they are so costly.

Keith: You should write a book. Glad to hear that everything is okay in that department. Twelve year olds pretending to be Doctors now - they know nothing!

Keith said...

Anji > I think my doctor meant "incontinence PANTS"! Cheeky sod! When I get to that stage I'll do myself in. . . .

Anji said...

keith: I realised! Intercontinental LOL