Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter visitor

Dom came home for a few days last weekend. She thinks that she will be staying in Poitiers after all. She wants to do research in to language/bilingualism sort of things. Well she’s already an expert there in a voice on sort of way. Her job in the library has been suspended. No funds to pay them with. She’s seen the head of her department and he’s gong to see if he can’t get the money somehow. This is the document library we’re talking about. How can a University function with that closed off?

She has a boyfriend now and it sounds as if they are pretty serious. I’m pleased she’s met someone that matches up to her high standards. She has a friend, M, who is studying in Paris. He lent them his flat for the weekend. Apparently boyfriend and M have a lot of friends in common and now Dom has met a most of them. They went to visit Iris, the fridge poetry writing, insect lady with the rabbit in the hat band of her top hat. She has a flat in Montmartre! How cool can that be? Though it is tiny she does have a real toilet. The last place she had only had a Turkish toilet (where you have to squat). Bonnie (The bird rescuer) came to visit Dom too and they went out for a drink together. It was lovely to see Bonnie again. She is such a pretty girl, very French, looks wonderful in anything – how do they do that?

Dom’s visit went all too quickly, but she has left me her first paper to read.


Peter (Worldman): said...

It is nice for Dom to have a boy friend. It will bring exitement into her life and into yours too.

When I think of all my wife and I "went through" with my kid's boy/girl friend stories.

Anji said...

Peter: She's very happy at the moment, I hope it lasts...

fgeef: Thank you for your comment - whatever it means!