Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This photograph was taken 15 years ago today on Olivier’s third birthday. Today he comes of age. Happy Birthday Olivier!

He didn’t tell me until Tuesday that last week was the week of the mock baccalaureate. Perhaps it was for the best or I’d have been agonising over whether his biro would run out of ink or should he replace his calculator batteries. He showed me some of the papers..

Philosophy: His worst favourite subject of all. They only have to do a year of it and they either get it or not. Olivier doesn’t get it. He chose to write for 4 hours on ‘Is it possible to be yourself?’

Maths: I didn’t do ‘modern maths’ so I don’t understand most of the paper (plus it is in French). Probabilities was quite good , he says, all about a drinks machine which ignores orders and gives out drinks as it likes….

History: For this you have to remember that a French man is supposed to know something about every thing, so his choice of history questions covered the recent history of USA and of Israel.

English: A doddle for Olivier, an extract from something by Ken Follett

Last night he went to a night club to celebrate his birthday. It’s in the north of the department on a very busy road. I was a little concerned about transport as there have been youngsters killed on that road in the early hours of Sunday morning in the past. Some friends took him up and then he was staying with a friend who lives halfway because they put on free transport home to some of the nearer villages.


Peter (Worldman): said...

As for all of us, the kids are growing :-)

Modern maths were introduced here in 1986 and the school board summoned the parents to go to classes so that we can help the children with their homework. I went to one class. And then, when they did tell me that 121 minus 21 equals 210 (because of some circles with figures in it) I quit and said that I will not be part of this. My kids seemed to manage somehow with modern maths. And konw that 121 minus 21 equals 100.

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday to Olivier!

And I hope his results are good.

alan said...

A belated Happy Birthday and congratulations as well!

I was 1/3 of the way through 5th grade when we moved from a school district doing "real math" to one that started "modern math" in the 4th grade. I hadn't a clue, the teacher wasn't about to bother explaining and my parents had no idea...

I'm glad he's surviving the educational system!


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beckyboop said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!!! Awww, cute pic, they grow up so quick!

Anji said...

Peter: I don't like being summoned to school, for maths would be even worse

Caroline: I hope his results are good too. I didn't see any signs of him revising.

Alan: He is surviving - just about. It's been a long haul and we will all be glad when the summer comes and it will be finished.

Hapi: hello!

File and Keywork: I'll take a look

Beckyboop: It's good to see you; he was cute, unfortunately 'cute' doesn't last long enough.