Tuesday, December 09, 2008

BlogExplosion Forums and Approvals

For a while now MJ and I have tried to answer whatever questions we could on the forums. Unfortunately there is no one around to give access as moderators. Today I went to see if there was anything I could help with and the forums are completely inundated with spam. It’s impossible to find any real messages, that’s how bad it has got.

What I propose is to post any information I can here so that when you surf you’ll hopefully come across the information. If you’re waiting for your blog to be approved the queue is just over three weeks long. A lot can be done to shorten the time and avoid disappointment simply by reading the requirements on the add/edit blogs page. If anyone has more information as to what is going on please leave a comment.

As for the forum spammers I think that you will find that no one is reading your ads anyway…


AthensWriter said...

I was finally approved on blog explosion after about a month. The moderators informed me that only two of them are currently approving blogs at this point and that they can not get in touch with the site owners. So what that means for the sites future I still do not know... Hope this helped...

LadyK said...

I came back to BE after being gone for quite some time with my new blog, http://Twistedthicket.blogspot.com . I wondered what had happened in that year. It took so long to get approved all over again and the place is almost like a ghost town. It is a shame really. We had a great time back in the day and there was never a shortage of blogs to read at all.

Also noticed that most of the people I looked forward to battling every day are gone now too. Only a few remain that I am familiar with, in fact, I haven't battled once yet with this new blog.

Just wanted to comment on your post since I stopped by way of BE (surfing member's blogs).
Have a great weekend and take care!

Jean at Penny Lane said...

Hi -- I have been having power issues and just found out that BlogMad has gone out of business.

I was an active member at BE till things started to happen.

1. The original owners sold it (high price).

2. Things that were there on the site began to disappear.

3. They opened up BlogCharm but that did not last long and that site was wiped off the face of the internet in a short time.

4. My credits were getting eaten up at a rapid pace, probably because people were leaving and the rotation was faster. I could not keep up and left.

It would not surprise me if they end up shutting down. So sad because it was the best place on the net for any type of blog support.

Thanks for your post. I feel relieved.

Anji said...

Athens: Yes... I'm one of the two!

LadyK: When the forums were readable a lot of people were writing about how they were missing various features, as things break they don't get fixed it seems.

Jean: I'm glad you feel better. I had a Blogcharm blog and managed to get paid, though I'd rather have kept my blog.
I didn't know about Blogmad... there goes over 300 credits...

Thanks for the information everyone!