Thursday, December 07, 2006

Round and round we go
I didn’t really drive in France until Rob broke his elbow in 1999, then shortly after that I got a job as a language assistant and had to drive to the 5 primary schools I was covering. It was very wet and windy that year. On the first day I couldn’t even see where I was going the weather was so bad, it was my first real driving in nearly 15 years, I was driving on the wrong side of the road and in a strange place. I got through okay but I don’t really enjoy driving.

To get to Olivier’s lycée I have to pass through (or around) a busy network of three roundabouts. I can do roundabouts if it’s quiet and the other drivers know how to do roundabouts too. But the last couple of times when I’ve given Olivier a lift, I’ve been tooted by people in a hurry who think the only way to get anywhere is by dodging into empty lanes and driving at break neck speed. I’m beginning to dread him missing the bus.

Yesterday I was coming home from a lesson when the road was barred because of road works. We were given an alterative route but somehow the arrows seem to disappear. It was dark and raining, the traffic was busy and I didn’t have a clue where to go. I found myself in a ‘difficult’ area so I didn’t feel as if I should risk stopping to look at the street map I always keep in the car. I eventually ended up by the airport. I know my way back home from there, I was half an hour longer than intended, the journey home usually takes 15 minutes.

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