Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thursday already!
It always seems to be Thursday again, not that I’ve got anything against Thursdays. Somehow this week seems to have been a busy one, though I can’t really say what I’ve been up to; nothing special.

I’ve been trying to write out a really interesting ‘lettre de motivaion’ to go with my CV. I’m pretty satisfied with the result AND I managed to copy it out by hand without having to start again. In France these letters must be hand written. Rob used to give lessons to a woman whose role was to analyze the hand writing of job applicants.

Yesterday Dom came home with the date of her French oral exam. She has to go to another lycée and be there for 7.40 in the morning. The first bus goes in that direction at eight.. We shall be in England by then. I was really worried for her but she’s decided to cycle over there, it takes half an hour. She’s already done a test run, she will have two bikes at her disposal on the day. She probably won’t be called for examination till11.40!

I seem to spend a lot of time ironing at the moment. We have more summer clothes than winter clothes, so there is not so much space in the wardrobes, therefore everything gets crushed. Olivier, bless him, wears uncrushable t-shirts which dry in 10 minutes. Why do I always go for linen?

Not long till we go on holiday. I haven’t really started on my ‘lists’ yet. I must sort out the suitcases and air them and think about what to leave Dom and Bonnie in the way of food, they will be playing ‘house’ while we’re away.

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